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The Sovereign State of Have Nots

Rebellion In Secret

Falling Skies
27 May
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What is this I see?

"What is time? A fleeting gift granted to us at birth? Or is it a predator that hunts us down ‘til we meet at death? Is time one way? Is it a stream that only goes South? Or is it a cosmic highway flowing in both directions? Or, is time simply another depressing mannerism that we require to sit at the table of life. A secret religion invoking fear through a debatable existence? And if time is just another facade to keep us on task, a corporate prod from the headquarters of existence, are life and death simply clocking in and clocking out? But all at once, time invokes a sense of fear. For if time can destroy a mountain, how will you ever survive after you are gone? A simplistic legacy perhaps is best, for angels are long lasting. Yet again, devils are etched into eternity.
Fear is the most powerful cage that can be erected."

They're so scared... of everything. But if it looks innocent enough they can't help but see what it is... And they're instantly entranced and will follow that object where ever it goes. And the reality of it all, is that she is utterly dependant on someone she'll never really know. She is utterly dependant on something she has no control over, her very life in the hands of someone who has confined her to a glass prison. And the worst part is. She simply has to accept this. She doesn't even realize that that is in fact what the invisible walls she has become accustomed are. A prison with no bars, with no signs or marks, just walls and an impenetrable distance to freedoM.